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Nicole Robinson-Caillier
Why are you here? You were born with a purpose, and your unique gifts and talents will change the world!

“There are many types of success, and many ways to define success. While you may have many successes under your belt, you have only one true purpose in life.”

-Nicole Robinson Caillier

“Faith is the only currency that you need to build your dreams…not money!”

-Nicole Robinson

Purses, Fierce Heels, & Vision!

I walked into one of my favorite stores named “Call it Spring” and I simply fell in love. From the doorway I spotted a colorful floral high-heeled shoe. It was gorgeous! It was sitting there perfectly positioned as if it were waiting just for me. I carefully...

How Being Kidnapped Confirmed My Purpose

I was literally tied to the bottom of a bed. The motel room was disgusting. There were two men dressed all in black holding assault rifles pointed directly at me. I was terrified. They spoke in a language that I couldn’t understand. I didn’t see any other captives in...

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